Target Restock



The Target team wanted to build a voice action for Google Assistant that would allow Target guests to reorder pantry staples from Target Restock.

Research Questions

  • What is the context and motivation for voice shopping?
  • Which shopping tasks are most commonly accomplished by voice?
  • When and how should we prompt users to specify details (brand, size, flavor) of the item they want?


  • Diary study using platform
  • Recruited 28 participants who used a voice assistant to help them shop
  • Watched and analyzed video of >100 voice shopping moments submitted by participants

Findings and Impacts

Created 3 personas for voice shoppers based on their behaviors and reasons for using voice:

    • The efficient lister
    • The lazy typer
    • The multimodal browser

Created a user journey based on voice shopping's "Jobs to Be Done"

Prioritized support for the most common voice-based shopping activity: listmaking