Target LOves



The Target team partnered with online-only brands to create a compelling in-store showrooming experience, called "Target Loves." However, communicating the purchase process presented a unique challenge.

Research Questions

  • How can we help guests understand that their purchase must happen online, even though they are standing in the store?
  • Can guests successfully notice, locate, and scan a QR code to purchase?


  • Recruit 10 guests to preview the prototype fixture during a shopalong in Target’s prototyping and innovation space.
  • Use a think-aloud protocol to gauge guests’ initial reaction, then follow up with a semi-structured interview.

Findings and Impacts

Finding 1

Guests didn’t immediately understand that the products had to be ordered online, and could not be taken home immediately.


We added a large header to the kiosk, with an explanatory tagline which better explained the unique opportunity for these products.

Finding 2

Guests told us they disliked QR codes and never used them. However, they were familiar with using the Target app to scan barcodes.


Create QR codes that could be scanned via the Target app, and add signage to encourage guests to use the app for purchase.

Next Steps

The updated fixture prototype featured clearer, more noticeable communication about how to purchase products online.

This version went on to be built out and tested further via a 6-week in-store pilot.