Target Fetch



The Target team was developing a service to automatically reorder household essentials, through the use of three smart products: toilet paper spindle, paper towel holder, and soap pump.

Research Questions

  • What design features help users trust and value the Fetch products and service?
  • How might we improve the app onboarding experience?


  • Recruited 8 participants who matched the Fetch persona
  • Conducted in-home interviews where participants explored the Fetch products
  • Used paper prototypes to understand participants’ reactions to the proposed app onboarding process
  • Emergent coding of interview data using F4Analyze

Findings and Impacts

Modified app and service features to increase trust:

    • App indicates quantity on hand
    • App estimates time until replenishment
    • App estimates delivery window
    • Added confirmation email (not shown)



Revised app interaction to improve usability:

    • Streamlined product selection to "refine" rather than filter, sort, search
    • Updated icons to clarify process of selecting a product