Spot the Octopus A Cappella

Spot the Octopus has been confusing and delighting audience members since the early 2000s, when it was founded by a few bold alumni of UC Berkeley's DeCadence. Since that fateful day, Spot has oscillated between the various dichotomies of a cappella: from serious to hilarious, from covers to original songs, from crustacean to cephalopod, and back again.

Star Phoenix Plum Jam: A mad lib in a cappella form

Sorry: A song about the joy of working in customer service

Show Me Your Patronus: Basically a musical Harry Potter fanfic

Squirrel Samba: What happens when squirrel meets coconut

Sparklemilk Songbook

A collection of songs by Lisa and Rabbit: some silly, some tender. These lo-fi recordings come with lyrics and chords to encourage others to remix and create their own versions of the music.

Bridge songs

In 2017 I created a 6-month challenge for myself: to compose music while on the hour-long bus ride to and from work. These songs were created using Garage Band on an iPad, probably somewhere along the Bay Bridge. 


From 2009 - 2014 my friend Lydia and I formed a Banjo-ukulele cover band, to motivate ourselves to practice. (The "-zoo" part of the band name was for the occasional kazoo guest solo.) Once a week we got together for cocktails and music, and recorded the result at the end of the night. A few songs made it past the low-fi phase and we made some fun music videos. 

Videos 2009-2012

Videos 2013-2014

Atlas Hands

Anna Sun

Andrew in Drag